Christian Friendship

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing and blogging the past few days, and why so many women (especially) are excited to pursue it.  I read a lot of blogs.  Many of the blogs I read are of women I’ve never met.  And yet I get excited to be part of their lives and experiences, mostly because I am inspired and encouraged by these other women and their desire to serve God in life, using their work, their families, their creativity, etc. to discover how God wants to use them.  

Interestingly enough, I’ve been learning a lot about Christian friendship lately.  Our pastor at church talked about Christian friendship last Sunday in church, and just a few days earlier my mom gave me an excerpt from the book The Meaning of Marriage, by Timothy Keller, about the importance and power of Christian friendship.  While Keller later expands on the concept of Christian friendship to discuss the ultimate human relationship experienced in marriage, he writes that the basis of any true friendship is a “common vision and passion.”  He continues, “Christians have all experienced the grace of God in the gospel of Jesus.  We have all had our identity changed at the root, so now God’s calling and love are more foundational to who we are than any other thing.”  This connection overpowers any differences we have in race, culture, status.. you name it!  And this is why I can genuinely share in another blogger’s joys, hardships, and common everyday occurrences.  

I think also that people desire to be heard, and to be understood.  I know I want that.  And I want this place to be a platform to be genuinely vulnerable.  I know that I have benefitted from another woman’s story, and so here I am to share mine.  One of my best strengths in life has also been one of my greatest weaknesses, my perfectionism.  So I struggle not to portray only “the best” of me.  I joke with my husband that I am really good at “fake vulnerability.”  I am incredibly willing to share intimate details of my life, but they are often crafted in a way that shows just a piece of what the struggle is, and most often, it’s retrospectively: “A month ago, I was really challenged by…” It’s hard to admit the things that are ongoing, that challenge me daily – the ones where at times I need God’s strength each minute to get through them.  

Instead, I’m going to try to be honest here.  I feel like by being genuinely open, perhaps others will feel comfortable sharing with me.  I believe that brings true friendship.  In fact, I know it does, and have seen that blessing in many of my deep friendships.  While a blog can be a fun way to share creativity and house projects and food love, I also want mine to chronicle a life seeking the Lord and his leading in my life, and his overwhelming blessing as a result.  Thanks for sharing with me in this journey!


2 thoughts on “Christian Friendship

  1. Kate, the name of your blog says it all. ‘Confectionary Life.’ When I hear confectionary I think of recipes that have ingredients in them-all blended together. The same recipe often comes out totally differently then another persons. Thanks for adding another ingredient which is essential to friendship – vulnerability. Use it wisely – God will bless. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    Love you sweet one.

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