Portland and Hipsters

I’ve always wanted to go to Portland.  This desire first developed when I read Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, and then all his other books as well.  You can read about him at his blog: http://donmilleris.com/.  Donald Miller has a way of describing Christianity that is unique and thoughtful.  He also comes from the land of the first hipsters, before being a hipster was even cool: Portland, Oregon.  Having gone to school in another land of hipsters (Boulder, CO), I was always told that if I liked Boulder I would LOVE Portland, and that I absolutely had to go.  So my husband and I recently took a trip to Portland, to see its beauty and visit some of Tim’s cousins who live there.

The thing about Portland that I found beautiful is that it has so much to offer.  Tim and I, the foodies that we are, appreciated the fun, new restaurants that listed where all their products were from (what nearby farms and ranches) at the tops of their menus.  We liked going to local coffee shops that roasted their own beans, imported from small farms in South America where they paid the farmers what they should be paid.  And my new favorite discovery, “drinking chocolate” shops.  We need some of these stores in Colorado.  Perhaps I should open one.  They supply bars of chocolate from all over the world, and also have a “bar” of sorts where you can drink chocolate.  My favorite was the Mexican chocolate, creamy and infused with cinnamon.

The BEST food however, was from Tim’s cousins brewpub he opened in Portland just two years ago – if we lived there we would seriously be there once a week, at least!  Check it out!

Portland also boasts some of the most different types of landscape that you can see in any one place in the US.  We went to the ocean and saw “Haystack Rock” at Cannon Beach.

We hiked through a lava tube (read about what THAT is here).  


(this is where the lava tube exits into the forest)

We played in a rose garden.

And we went to a rainforest!

There was just so much beauty and GREEN for this Colorado girl – I loved it!

Needless to say, we felt Portland feeling refreshed after time spent together and beauty in God’s creation.  To all my Portland lovers, I would be a hipster and live there too… if not for the gray skies and rain 🙂


2 thoughts on “Portland and Hipsters

  1. Yay for your fun, new blog, Kate! I LOVED Portland when we visited last month. I wish we could’ve spent more than a day there. I can’t wait to go back!

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